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Website of the FORCE OUVRIERE union of the Valenciennes Railway, Alstom Transport, rue jacquard, 59494 Petite-Forêt. The statutes of our union are deposited in town hall of Petite-Forêt (59494). Affiliated with:

  • the General Confederation of Labor FORCE OUVRIERE.
  • the Confederate Federation FORCE OUVRIERE of the Metallurgy,
  • the Departmental Union FORCE OUVRIERE of the North and of its local branch Local Union FO of Valenciennes.

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To note:
- VPF (Valenciennes-Petite-Forêt) is the name of ALSTOM's establishment where the union's headquarters are located, hence the name of the "fo-vpf" site.
- Provider of the website: Jimdo.